List of documents required to receive a permission to visit the Reserve/Sanctuary territory (for Tour Companies)

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Application. An application to visit the territory can be found on the website of the Kronotsky Reserve and is provided with tour information on approved routes.

Agreement. An agreement of cooperation between the Kronotsky Reserve and is drawn up by the Division of Ecological Education and Tourism, which serves as a legally binding force in this instance.

Prepayment. The «customer» will pay 100% of the tickets/vouchers and additional services specified in the Reserve's preliminary estimate.

Tickets/Vouchers. Possessing tickets/vouchers is mandatory for all visitors to the territory.

Permission. The «customer» must receive permission to visit the Reserve/Sanctuary territories in the Division of Law Enforcement.

Accounting sheet. An accounting sheet of services performed is created on the territory of the Reserve/Sanctuary by a senior inspector, group leader, or tour company representative.

Payment. A final payment from the «customer» to the Kronotsky Reserve is made to the Reserve accountant in accordance with the invoice and signed by both parties to confirm conclusion of the visit.

Please call 8 (41531) 7 39 05 or 8 (41531) 7 16 52 or write to with any questions.

To visit the territories of the Kronotsky Reserve/South Kamchatka Sanctuary Individals should buy the Tickets/Vouchers in any of the listed below companies:






In case of any questions, please call: 8 (41531) 7 39 05; 8 (41531) 7 16 52 or e-mail: