The shooting of the film “Kamchatka. A story in foxes." begins in the Kronotsky Reserve

The shooting of the film “Kamchatka. A story in foxes." begins in the Kronotsky Reserve.


The author of the project, documentary filmmaker Dmitry Shpilenok, flew to the peninsula. Work on the film will begin in the coming days. The first location will be the Kronotskaya-Bogachevskaya tundra. The videographer and director of the film expects to shoot scenes for the film as much as possible, observing the animals for the next 7 months. Filming will take place in the vicinity of Lake Kronotsky and the Kronotskaya River, including the coastal tundra, where the number of foxes is highest. 

At first, we will grind with foxes, who for several months will become our neighbors. It is important to understand their relationships, both within the family and with the outside world, to reveal the characters of animals, because each person is individual. We want to show that on the one hand, the life of foxes in the reserve, where people do not offend them, is good, and on the other hand it is not easy: after all, they constantly need to get food for themselves and cubs, to confront larger predators. We hope that we will be able to take pictures of the first exit deprived of burrows, the process of their upbringing, growing up. This year, filming will last until October, when the grown cubs go to adulthood, ”said Dmitry Shpilenok.  

The author of the project “Kamchatka. The story in the foxes” also noted that during the first year of filming, he will gain tremendous experience working with foxes, will study their habits as much as possible. Scenes from the life of the fire flames in the film will alternate with shots of the animal habitat - landscapes of Kronotsky Lake, volcanoes, tundra, the protected Pacific coast at different times of the year, in different weather. In 2021, shooting is planned to continue. Returning to old acquaintances, it will be easier to build the drama of the film and finally decide on the main characters: fox families and individuals.