The fact that there are geysers in the Kronotsky Reserve became known 79 years ago.

The fact that there are geysers in the Kronotsky Reserve became known 79 years ago..


April 14, 1941 was included in the calendar of memorial dates of Kamchatka as the day of one of the greatest geographical discoveries of the twentieth century. The first geyser in the specially protected area, was discovered by the reserve’s employees - geomorphologist Tatyana Ustinova and observer Anisifor Krupenin. In the summer they discovered a whole valley of geysers.  

Now the Valley of Geysers or the Valley of the Geysernaya River, as the discoverer Tatyana Ustinova called the gorge of an unknown warm river, is one of the main places of attraction for tourists in Kamchatka. Everything is unique here: the presence of all known forms of hydrothermal activity (hot springs, mud and water boilers with multi-colored clay, steam jets, etc.), a huge number of geysers in a small area, there are about 60 of them in the gorge. There are no analogues of the Kamchatka Valley of geysers .  

At present, the Valley of Geysers cordon located above the gorge of a mountain river has already been put into operation. Now there, employees of the protection department and the reserve’s construction department are tidying up the infrastructure: they are clearing residential buildings from snow blockages, laying trails, stairs, and repairing residential premises. Reserve staff also monitor changes in the wilderness.  

We have not yet seen a single waking bear and its tracks. But, of course, we move around the territory of the cordon and the environs with weapons for our own safety: animals will come out of the surrounding lairs any day to feed fresh greens at thermal springs. As a rule, we don’t have to use weapons to scare away animals, we just wait for the bears to leave the trail paths and go around their resting places, ”said Yevgeny Denges, a state inspector of the Kronotsky State Reserve.